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Guided Meditations and Meditation Music

Online Program with Dr. Vie

Wherever You Are. Whatever Your Age. Whatever Your Status, You Deserve To Experience Relaxed State Of Mind

Online with Dr. Sheri Vie, Inspiring Thousands for +25 Years

Relax Your Way Into A Joyful Life

For over ten thousand years, Rishis and Yogis in ancient India have been guiding humans to inner explorations founded on the knowledge that the persona clad in this physical body that you identify with so well, is a manifestation of vibrational energy. By activating the inner senses a human can access higher states of consciousness, experience advanced levels of functioning and live fulfilling and meaningful lives. These states of consciousness are accessible to all humans, and highly beneficial for joyful living.


Let Go

Re Discover

⋆ Relax Let Go Re Discover

Reset Your Life

Reprogram Your Mind

No matter your age or circumstances of life, you have the power to change your life-situation. All it takes is focused meditation, whether you are able to do so on your own, or with the inspiration of a Guide. Once you learn how to relax and let go, you will be able to calm your mind and hit the reset switch on your life.

Simple Easy To Follow Meditations: Deep Relaxation, Mental Clarity, Alpha State

During your guided meditational program with Dr. Vie, you will begin to rediscover feelings of relaxation, letting go and the freedom of a calm mind.

Explore Inner Senses

Let go of the busy external world and its five senses, and journey into the realness of YOU. Just you experiencing the wonders of life from the perspective of your real Self. Benefit throughout your waking day from positive effects of Alpha state and Yoga Nidra meditations, and deep sleep asanas.

Your Guided Meditations and Meditational Music

Guided Breathing Meditations

Inspires alpha state. Relax and calm the mind, and let go of resistance.

Inner Exploration Meditation

Switch on inner senses and sense of clarity and focus.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Activates sense of relaxation in a state between wakefulness and deep sleep. For deep rest and rejuvenation.

Restorative Gentle Yoga Asanas

For deep relaxation and sound sleep

Option for Online Chat:

You can opt to add an online chat with Dr. Vie.

This Meditational Program is ideally suited for anyone seeking:

  • Stress relief
  • Deep sleep
  • Experience of inner senses
  • Alpha state experiences
  • Exploration of "Who am I?"
  • Exploration of "What is my purpose in life?"
  • Better relationships with people you interact with, in the family, social sphere, or at work
  • To boost personal morale at work
  • To focus with clarity on whatever you do at home and outside
  • To emotionally feel better in your life
  • To reduce negative self-defeating thoughts
  • To feel good about yourself and your life.

Christopher's Feedback on Meditation Program with Dr. Vie

After completing Dr. Vie brain-body-spirit series, Christopher talks about his sleep difficulties, use of a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and lack of energy. He shares his experience with Dr. Vie's alpha state and Yoga Nidra meditation sequences and meditational music which inspired the "best sleep since he was a child."

To read the article transcript click here.

Who Is Dr. Vie, Your Guide For Transformation?

Mind-body-spirit workshops have been presented by Dr. Vie to variety of groups in many countries over +20 years, including to organizations of diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart and stroke, yoga, sports, grief, teen self-harm, youth, education, career, politics, and more including employees, management and shareholders at corporations. Your online Meditational program with Dr. Vie is a part of her complete online program to boost emotional and spiritual wellbeing wherever you are in the world.


Alpha State Meditations

Guided breathing meditations with Dr. Vie to stimulate alpha state advancing to self-paced breathing meditations to align with your powerful self.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Guided whole body-mind-spirit awareness with Dr. Vie, to inspire deep rest, rejuvenation, and mental clarity, focus and vitality during your waking day.

Restorative Yoga For Deep Sleep

Guided gentle restorative yoga to stimulate deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep and refreshed feeling-good mornings.

Mind Body Spirit Workshops For +25 Years

The Meditational online sessions offered to you today has benefitted Dr. Vie attendees at hospitals, medical clinics, educational institutions, corporations, non-profits, retirement communities, places of worship, to people of various faiths, including to agnostics and atheists, and more over the past 20 years with audiences from varied cultures, ages, genders, beliefs, and demographics, in many countries. Now you can benefit in the comfort of your home, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Your One on One Time For Your Personal Benefit

Explore the Essence of YOU and Activate Joyful Living

3 Months Online Access


3 Month Access with Weekly Chat Question to Dr. Vie

Post one question a week in the chat area within the program. Dr. Vie will reply weekly.

3 Month Online Access, Weekly Chat Question+ 3x 10 Minute Consultations with Dr. Vie

Schedule three 10 minute consultations with Dr. Vie during the three months. Includes one weekly question in the chat area within the online program.

Dr. Vie's Podcast On How To Chase Away Negative Thoughts

The simple yet powerful secrets to positive thinking and feeling good.