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Donate to Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in Africa

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Our African continent has immense potential, but also of many challenges. Millions of people face the threats of poverty, hunger, climate change and social injustice every day. Being of the African diaspora, Dr. Vie has been initiating and sustaining projects in Sub Saharan Africa that help to change that.

By donating any amount to our humanitarian initiatives, you can support our projects in Africa that promote sustainable agriculture, skills training, women and youth empowerment, social protection, empowerment of disabled youth, and more.

Your donation will help us to continue to empower our locals with the necessary skills and resources to uplift them out of the vicious cycle, and inspire them to self sustain themselves and their communities. 

Join us today and become a part of our African family of changemakers.

We welcome you to volunteer in our villages and personally participate. If you wish to, please contact Dr. Vie for volunteer opportunities or the sponsorship of resources. You can help in so many ways.

We invite you to donate any amount you are able to, and make a difference.

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