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Laughter! The one secret and more to chasing away negative thoughts and feeling bad
In this light-hearted podcast with your host Dr. Vie, benefit from deep insights and powerful yet simple to do tips to start feeling good right away! Dr. Vie's guest, comedian Yo Elam, a former alcoholic, tickles you pink while sharing great way...
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Stress, Sleep problems, yogic breathing meditation emotional wellness program online
How To Reduce Stress and Enjoy Good Sleep and Feel Emotionally Well
Christopher talks about his sleep difficulties, use of a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and lack of energy. He shares his experience with a special yogic breathing and meditation sequence, which inspired the "best sleep since he was a child."Dr. Vie W...
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Appreciation not gratitude creates a better life for you
Appreciation Instead of Gratitude Can Positively Transform Your Life
Appreciation Not Gratitude For A Transformed LifeThe difference between gratitude and appreciation is not very clear in literature and in the way it is verbally used, as the two terms are often referred to interchangeably. However, despite the confus...
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Freedom the ultimate gift to humanity to create own realities is your right
Freedom: The Ultimate Gift To Humanity
From nothingness, the ever-pervading space of akasha, a cosmic dance unleashes its unbridled energy, spontaneously birthing all things possibly imaginable into existence. Forever expanding, forever creating and co-creating, forever fulfilling every d...
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