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Boost Human Capital Inside Out This 2024

Uplift Emotional Morale of Health Providers and Caregivers and Sustain Success

WellBeing of Health Care Workers and CareGivers

The weight of the world rests heavily on health care professionals, and care givers in ordinary times, and especially during national crises, and global pandemics.

In the "new normal" post-COVID, and challenging times of social volatility and financial uncertainty, health care workers are under more stress than ever before. Quietly struggling to cope with the additional pressures at home, flux in their communities, and demands within the loaded work environment.

This 2024, it takes more than team building and team bonding for the entity to sustain prosperity in the ever-changing "new normal."

Today, more than ever, the practice of emotional well-being through much needed self-care, fosters positive relationships and congenial work space, and contributes to a thriving ecosystem that benefits individuals, the facility, and the health care sector as a whole.

How does a program in emotional well-being actually work?

Holistically designed and facilitated by Dr. Vie, inner peace to world peace specialist, our Boost Emotional Morale 2024 programs individually inspire staff within departments, management, and boards, to be their best selves, and as a result perform their best within the corporation.

Dr. Vie brings a unique gift of compassion, personal experiences, and inspiration that supports the wellbeing of front line workers so they can give off their best to those who need them to be their best. And in so doing, stimulates a quality of life in the patients they care for, and also sustains wellbeing of the health professional and caregiver.

Her decades of global expertise, across cultures, faiths, genders, sexual orientations, races, political divides, wokes and anti-wokes, and more, brings a unique gift of seamlessly merging an individual worker's satisfaction, with that of the collectives' satisfaction. Her ability to empathize with professionals across ethnicities and backgrounds, is her forte.

The program is not just about learning new information; it's about creating a sustainable lifestyle where emotional and social wellness thrive.

The Emotional Morale Boost Programs

Each entity has its own personnel challenges and strengths. For this reason we work with you to create the best suited program for your budget, time, resources and people-needs. Most importantly the program takes into consideration each worker's individual character and disposition.

Select from Three Custom Types:

  1. Easy to access customized online programs ranging from 1 hour a week sessions over 4 weeks to six months.
  2. On-site workshops
  3. Off-site team workshops.

Emotionally transform your team:

  • from fatigued to energized,
  • from sleepless nights to restful sleep,
  • from troubled to enthused mindsets,
  • from quietly-quitting to engaged performance,
  • and from scattered mindset to focus and clarity at work,

with our individualized, easy to access, time-efficient, self paced online programs.

Choose to add:

  • group online workshop,
  • group on-site workshop and/or,
  • an off-site retreat.

Dr. Vie's unique ability to individually boost your staff emotionally even in group workshops, benefits your prized asset, your people.

Benefits Individuals, Their Families and Relationships Outside Work Also

An incidental yet most powerful benefit for any participant in the emotional morale boost program is the positive effect on people and relationships around them, not just at work but even outside of the work environment.

When the health professional or caregiver begins to feel good outside of work, be it with their friends, family or partners, they inevitably perform better during work.

Christopher's Feedback After the Full Program

Christopher talks about his sleep difficulties, use of a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and lack of energy. He shares his experience with the special yogic breathing and meditation sequence (in the Emotional Wellness 6 Week Online Program), which inspired the "best sleep since he was a child."

To read the article transcript click here.

Learn More and Benefit

We are sure of your interest to emotionally boost your staff, so their personal satisfaction at work supports the satisfaction of the team.

All you need to do is submit your request for more information, and we shall contact you with more information within five business days.

Chairman of Medical Care Facility Provides Feedback After 3 Morale Boost Workshops for Staff, Patients and Board of Directors

Click to play a 7.15 minute video of the Chairman and President of a 300 in and out patient medical facility, after his staff, patients and board members participated in three separate days of morale boost workshops with Dr. Vie. The Chairman is introducing Dr. Vie to a community gathering just before she addresses the crowd during an annual 24 hour marathon of world Yogic meditation day.

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Sustained Prosperity Starts with the WellBeing of Human Capital

Watch the short video input from two attendees of an Alzheimer's workshop for caregivers.

Meet Dr. Vie Your Morale Booster With 30 Years Of Experience

Click the play button to watch a short 2 minute video for an overview of your facilitator's 30 year background, experience and expertise in humanity and human relations.

From Inner-Peace to Work-Peace to World-Peace It All Starts With YOU

Dr. Vie morale boost program uplift employee mental emotional wellness

Founded in Beauty of Diversity

Dr. Sheri Vie founded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity in North America in 2000, to realize a better world.

She has Indian roots, African birthplace, American education, work experience in the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe, and North American place of residence.

Her enthusiasm for diversity has endowed her with rich and varied sets of expertise. Dr. Vie has an innate ability to understand the human life from different perspectives, having learned within multiple cultures, under challenging situations, and embracing varied opportunities in her personal and professional journeys. She has a deep empathy and respect for the diversity of human experiences and values, and is able to leverage her knowledge and skills of the human and corporate mindsets in different contexts and situations.

Dr. Vie morale boost programs for employee wellbeing in times of crises

Aligning With The Flow

Ms. Vie exemplifies the concept of “going with the flow,” continuously pursuing different interests and taking on adventurous work journeys in multiple industries and sectors, in the private and public corporations and organizations in EU, Americas, Africa and Asia.

As a public health scientist, entrepreneur, educator, and humanitarian she has worked with individuals, communities and organizations in many nations to boost health, happiness and fulfillment in life, through lifestyles and work.

Dr. Vie has extensive expertise in initiating, coordinating, implementing and monitoring projects on the ground in Africa under taxing and novel circumstances, health crises, and social unrest, among many ethnic mindsets.

Dr. Vie morale boost for employees corporations during challenging times

Ability To Meld With The Audience

As an inspirational speaker and facilitator she has engaged hundreds of audiences of all ages, statuses, and cultures in small groups to stadiums during her morale boosting talks around the globe. 

Dr. Vie has a unique ability to meld like a chameleon with audiences young and old, laborers and executives, and with doctors and patients, to know their needs and tailor her sessions to inspire and benefit them from within.

The organization's vision is to better lives, better communities and better the world through inner peace-to work-peace- to world peace.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about the company's work, products, services, courses and events. You can also contact the corporation here to book an exploratory call.