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Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity. A guide to personal transformation. 292 page book

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Discover why women hold the secrets to rescuing humanity. The Female Impostor is a term coined by Dr. Vie in her 2014 Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity. The 2023 second edition revisits the themes and provides an even deeper insight into the art of physical, mind-body wellness and emotional happiness in times of immense unrest.

Dr. John Gray 

Dr. John Gray

"With new insights, Dr. Vie unravels the root cause of the global female crises and provides powerful practical tools for health, happiness and vitality - all within a great adventure," ~Dr. John Gray, Author, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, San Francisco, 2014

Nomad Dr. Sheri Vie, an Indian by lineage, African by birth place, European by work place, and North American by residence, is an inspirational Being. Through her personal journey of transformation since childhood, looking death in its face at age 16, and navigating through life's express around the globe she continues to mentor and advise individuals, groups and organizations on the power of change and empowerment. In this book she shares with you her insights while trekking in the Himalayas in 2013,

about the powers of the human mind.

The book focuses on the power of emotional energy in restoring individual inner peace a vital path to world peace, and provides fifteen tools to transform mind-body wellness in seven areas of your life.

With purchase of the book you will receive the following:

  • An electronic downloadable version of the preface.
  • A soft-cover copy of the original edition with +50 illustrations which will be mailed to you from USA, Canada or South Africa, depending on you choice.
  • A series of online meditational sequences to relax the mind, stimulate clarity, inspire Alpha level of consciousness, and support connection with your inner Being.


Dr. Vie offers your a free consultation, and the opportunity to register for workshops to guide you through each of the 11 Books of Secrets en route to your personal transformation.

For those who would prefer the prequel to the book before purchasing the complete book, click here for the 100 page prequel available in print and ebook formats.



Ellen Eatough

"Finally! After millenniums of spiritual teachings primarily by and geared to men, teachings which have dismissed and often denigrated feminine wisdom and power, comes Dr. Vie's much needed guidance to help women cultivate and unleash their essential spirit. And just in time, so we wisely use balance feminine-masculine energy and co-create the healthy and harmonious evolution of humankind."~ Ellen, San Francisco.

Boris Verkhovsky

Boris Verkhovsky, Performance Director, Cirque du Soleil, Montreal

"I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, a University varsity team or our leading entertainment company. Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to! When my wife and I were introduced to Dr. Vie Superfoods in 2007, Dr. Vie's products stood out in its own category! I love the effect and impact, I love the format and taste! She is a fascinating person and now brings here in Taming The Female Impostor, a most interesting perspective and insightful wisdom for both men and women! A must read for all, including men!~ Boris Verkhovsky, Performance Director, Cirque du Soleil, Montreal


Lena McCallaNjee

Lena McCallaNjee, New Jersey, USA

Every once in a while there comes along a book that captivates the mind and uplifts the soul. This is one of those books. In real life Dr. Vie has managed to maneuver through global cultures with ease and finesse. With the same level of sophistication, she weaves a tapestry of universality in her book. Each of us has the ability to rise above our circumstance, be it racism, sexism, environmental issues or cultural and religious biases. Each of us can choose to reject change and remain the same or embrace the change. This book will appeal to a wide range of audiences globally. This book is a winner.~Lena McCallaNjee, NJ, USA. Special Education Teacher, Teacher of the Year 2011-2012, Nominee of the 2014 Governor of the Year Award


"I thoroughly enjoyed this book Taming The Female Impostor®. It's amazing how we look at life differently when things are pointed to us that we sort of already know but don't take the time to think about. Dr. Vie's "bag" concept (Bag of Codes) is brilliant!" ~Rihi 2015, South Africa.


The original edition is mailed to you from USA, Canada, and South Africa.


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