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Nomadic Globe Trotter

Are you looking for a guest lecturer, speaker or keynote who can inspire, educate and inspire your audience? Would you like for your audience to learn from a global expert who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fields and topics. Do you wish to make your event memorable and impactful?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to book Dr. Vie for your event. Sheis a sought after guest lecturer, speaker and keynote who has delivered presentations at local and global events for over 25 years. Sheis the founder and CEO of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity a company that specializes making the world a better place for all Beings. 

Her multinational lineage and education, coupled with her nomadic globe trotting work experiences, cultural explorations, adventures in natural and man made disasters, and her personal perspectives fortify her unique wealth of lived experiences. 

She has founded and led successful businesses and social enterprises, as well as worked with various international organizations and agencies. Dr. Vie has coached and mentored hundreds of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, professionals and youth. She is active in global issues and challenges, such as poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, human rights and peace. She is a lifelong learner and a global citizen.

Dr. Vie can speak on a variety of topics from a global perspective, such as:

Nutrition and healthy foods

Medical devices and diagnostics

Inventions, formulations, intellectual property, and manufacturing

Food regulations, labelling, biocompostable packaging.

Import, export and supply chains

Sales and distribution and upscaling

Entrepreneurship and business

Women in global business

Leadership, mindfulness, and confidence

Career development

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable development goals

Humanitarian projects

Women and youth issues

Skills training and upliftment

International development

Climate action

social justice, diversity, and protection

Public health

Social development

Relationships in the 21 century

Preventative natural medicine

And more.

Dr. Vie uniquely tailors her dyanmic interative presentations to suit your audiences, themes and objectivess. She is available for on-site presentations globally, and remotely via livestream if you prefer. Dr. Vie is known as an inspiring, flexible, professional and engaging speaker who innately knows how to connect with your audience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to book Dr. Vie for your next event and make your event a success and leave your audience inspired, informed and engaged. Submit your request and we will contact your within 3-4 business days.

About Speaker and Lecturer Dr. Vie

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From the Heart of Africa

"When you receive an appreciative testimonial from a local, you realize your work in Africa has been successful, and you experience a sense of joy, beyond that of prestige or financial gain."

From Inner-Peace to World-Peace It All Starts With YOU

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Founded in Beauty of Diversity

Dr. Sheri Vie founded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity in North America in 2000, to realize a better world.

She has Indian roots, African birthplace, American education, work experience in the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe, and North American place of residence.

Her enthusiasm for diversity has endowed her with rich and varied sets of expertise. Dr. Vie has an innate ability to understand the human life from different perspectives, having learned within multiple cultures, under challenging situations, and embracing varied opportunities in her personal and professional journeys. She has a deep empathy and respect for the diversity of human experiences and values, and is able to leverage her knowledge and skills of the human and corporate mindsets in different contexts and situations.

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Going With The Flow

Ms. Vie exemplifies the concept of “going with the flow,” continuously pursuing different interests and taking on adventurous work journeys in multiple industries and sectors, in the private and public corporations and organizations in EU, Americas, Africa and Asia.

As a public health scientist, entrepreneur, educator, and humanitarian she has worked with individuals, communities and organizations in many nations to boost health, happiness and fulfillment in life, through lifestyles and work.

Dr. Vie has extensive expertise in initiating, coordinating, implementing and monitoring projects on the ground in Africa under taxing and novel circumstances, and social unrest, among many tribal mindsets.

Dr. Vie morale boost for employees corporations during challenging times

Ability To Meld With The Audience

As an inspirational speaker and facilitator she has engaged hundreds of audiences of all ages, statuses, and cultures in small groups to stadiums during her morale boosting talks around the globe. 

Dr. Vie has a unique ability to meld like a chameleon with audiences young and old, laborers and executives, and with doctors and patients, to know their needs and tailor her sessions to inspire and benefit them from within.

The corporate vision is to better lives, better communities and better the world through inner peace to world peace.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about the company's work, products, services, courses and events. You can also contact the corporation here to book an exploratory call for your event.