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Emotionally Strong This 2024 and Beyond!

Tap Into The Best Of YOU

Wherever You Are. Whatever Your Age. Whatever Your Status.

Online with Dr. Sheri Vie, Inspiring Thousands for +25 Years

How You Feel, Drives Your Life

If you feel like your brain is being overstimulated with the daily events in your life, or by a barrage of negative thoughts, you are not alone. Today most people on a personal level are struggling to maintain good feelings and beneficial thoughts in their lives, be it at work, or home.

Negative thoughts have a downward spiraling effect on the body and mind. Making you feel bad.

For the first time, every age group around the planet is feeling emotionally challenged, and hope to feel good about themselves and their lives.

Having good feeling thoughts is the key.

Change How You Think By Changing How You Feel

Change How You Think By Changing How You Feel ⋆

Re-Discovering How To Feel Good About Your Self

Your thoughts, feelings and experiences over the years have carved out the unique You that is reading these words right now.

There can never be two of You. Ever.

You are remarkably UNIQUE. Your very uniqueness is your strength.

Yet, You Don't Usually Feel Good About Your Self

You usually don't feel good about yourself or your life, because of limiting beliefs you have gathered in person, and virtually from the world around you.

Somehow, those in your world have convinced you to believe that you are lesser than you really are.

Beliefs come about by you repeatedly thinking the same thoughts. You thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again, lead to destructive behavior.

So over time you lose connection with your amazing strengths. You experience feelings of negativity, frustration, lack of meaning in life, and worry or fear about the future.

The amazing thing that you have going on for you right now, is that of BEING human.

Your Gift is your Beingness!

Because you are a dynamic BEING, always developing, you have the capacity to deliberately change at any moment.

Change Is Natural

You change all the time, but most often, unconsciously. Just like how you changed from a baby to an adult. Like how a seedling changes into a bud and blooms into a flower. It all seems so automatic. But what if you can have some control over the changes?

Using your powerful mind you have the amazing ability to make changes willfully, consciously.

You Can Learn To Change, Mindfully

When you mindfully make changes, you realize the power of You.

You have heard time and again of the power of NOW.

The past does not matter, it's only what you think and choose to do right now that shapes your next moment.

Every negative thing that you currently feel can be unlearned, because of the incredible power of your human mind.

No matter your age, stage or phase of life, You have the ability to regenerate and reprogram your Self. Because of your ability, which might seem lost right now, with the proper guidance, you can once again restore your emotional wellbeing and feel good about yourself.

Whether you are immersed in the world of work and focused on life goals, or you are semi-retired, or fully retired, your emotional wellness is the key to you feeling better about your Self and your life. Emotional strength is the key that shapes your future.

All you need to boost your emotional wellness, is a short journey with the right Guide. Someone who has experienced life's challenges, someone who understands the minds of peoples of the world, someone who has been inspiring thousands for decades.

Today, Dr. Vie offers you her guiding light which she has shared with thousands during live workshops across the planet.

Today, wherever you are, you can immediately start benefitting from your online program, filled with the best of all her workshops. All in one place. Just for you.

Make it happen! Take Control of Your Mind and Your Life

During your emotional fitness transformation program with Dr. Vie, you will begin to rediscover the positive flow of feelings of self appreciation and self love.

And you will be inspired to begin enjoying meaningful relationships with your Self and with those around you, all the while rejuvenating your body and mind to its natural rhythm of joy and emotional wellness.

And with time, negative thoughts decrease and fade off.

Feeling good is key to everything.

In your personalized program guided by Dr. Vie, you will learn how to relax, de-stress, and through moments of joy, tap into your power of now.

Your Inspirational 6 Weeks To Emotional Transformation

Six Online Modules Over Six Weeks: Program

In the first six weeks of your program, you will access a module each week, with several video and audio guided mind and emotion training sequences, and practical guidance.

Your program is self-paced and accessible from anywhere via the internet.

+ Special Access To Dr. Vie's Live Recorded Seminars on Brain-Mind-Body-Spirit

18 Webinars.

Brain Screening

20 Guidelines for Brain and Body Health

+ Special Access To Dr. Vie's Live Recorded Seminars on Food Selection, Preparation and Nourishment

20 Webinars

Including food selection-preparation for your body type

Option for Online Chat:

You can opt to add an online chat with Dr. Vie. Once you do, at the end of each week, during the first six weeks, she will answer questions that you may have as you navigate through the program.

This Emotional Wellness Program is ideally suited for anyone seeking:

  • Stress relief
  • Deep sleep
  • Better relationships with people you interact with, in the family, social sphere, or at work
  • To boost personal morale at work
  • To focus with clarity on whatever you do at home and outside
  • To emotionally feel better in your life
  • To reduce negative self-defeating thoughts
  • To feel good about yourself and your life.

Once you complete the six weekly modules, you will enjoy access to the materials for six months. You can opt to extend access thereafter at a special member rate.

Christopher's Feedback

After completing the brain-body-spirit intense webinar series, Christopher talks about his sleep difficulties, use of a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and lack of energy. He shares his experience with the special yogic breathing and meditation sequence (in the Emotional Wellness 6 Week Online Program), which inspired the "best sleep since he was a child."

To read the article transcript click here.

Who Is Dr. Vie, Your Guide For Transformation?

Mind-body workshops have been presented by Dr. Vie to variety of groups in many countries over +20 years, including to organizations of diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart and stroke, yoga, sports, grief, teen self-harm, youth, education, career, politics, and more including employees, management and shareholders at corporations. Your online program is a condensed package of essentials for your emotional wellness, wherever you are in the world.


Free-Your-Mind Meditations

Guided breathing and freedom meditations with Dr. Vie for beginners, advancing to self-paced breathing sessions to align with your powerful self.

Yoga For Deep Sleep

Guided gentle restorative yoga to stimulate deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep and refreshed morning feeling good.

Meditation For Alertness & Focus

Guided whole body-mind awareness rejuvenation with Dr. Vie, to inspire mental clarity, focus and vitality during your day.

Joy Of Eating and Nutrition

Food for daily nutrition, energy and deep sense of joy, at home, at work, in travel, socially and more. 18 videos. Learn how to select, prepare and eat foods for your body type.

Enhancing Relationships

Rediscovering the joy of communicating with those around you, at home, work, socially, at the store, service centers, and more.

Sustaining Joy Throughout Life

Tuning in to your feeling of joy and bliss each day as you thrive within a vibrant, ever-changing world.

Archived Live Webinar Series: Brain-Mind Health and Screening

Seven video webinars to protect and regenerate your brain with 10 practical tips. Includes the optional at home brain health screening.

Archived Live Webinar Series: Inspiring Intelligent Body

Learn to identify your body type Doshas, and tips to regenerate physical fitness. Seven video webinars and 10 practical tips to help you in your journey. Plus 20 videos on food fitness.

Archived Live Webinar Series: Spiritual Well-Being

Four video webinars on the ancient knowledge of Yogic science, simple asanas and introduction to meditation.

Emotional Wellness Live Workshops For +25 Years

The Emotional Wellness online program offered to you today has been conducted by Dr. Vie in live sessions with thousands of attendees at hospitals, medical clinics, educational institutions, corporations, non-profits, retirement communities, places of worship, to people of various faiths, including to agnostics and atheists, and more over the past 20 years with audiences from varied cultures, ages, genders, beliefs, and demographics, in many countries. Now you can benefit in the comfort of your home, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Six Week Course. Access For 6 Months On-Demand Anytime Anywhere

Start relaxing and de-stressing within ten minutes of registering.

Online Program Only

Online program only, with six modules with access for six months.

Popular: Online Program with Q&A Chat

Six self-paced modules for six  months, with Q&A on a weekly basis during the first six weeks.

Online Program, Plus Q&A, and One Consultation With Dr. Vie

Self paced six month program, with weekly question and answer chat session during first six weeks. Plus one 45 minute phone consultation with Dr. Vie scheduled after the six week program.

Dr. Vie's Podcast On How To Chase Away Negative Thoughts

The simple yet powerful secrets to positive thinking and feeling good.