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Freedom the ultimate gift to humanity to create own realities is your right

Freedom: The Ultimate Gift To Humanity

From nothingness, the ever-pervading space of akasha, a cosmic dance unleashes its unbridled energy, spontaneously birthing all things possibly imaginable into existence. Forever expanding, forever creating and co-creating, forever fulfilling every desire. Eternally, the multidimensional cycle continues; nothingness to everything to nothingness to everything. Neither beginning nor end, only Beingness. 


Since the inception of humanity, humans have focused their gaze on the skies above, seeking answers to the most profound questions of all: what is this reality being experienced by me and those around me, how do things happen, why am I here, what is my purpose, what happens to me when my physical body is no more, what is happening beyond planet earth that I am unable to experience through my physical senses?

Ancient wisdom of yogis seers sages on the origin of life and self realization


To explain the causality of personal and collective events, humans postulated, contrived, and pursued beliefs that offered a sense of predictability, and purpose. Confined to planet earth, earthlings explored the unknown through their physical senses, failing which they developed powers of the mind and turned their attention inward. Journeying within. In the deep stillness they discovered their true nature. The revelation aligned them with all that is, within, around and beyond. With direct access to infinite cosmic intelligence, self-realized, they understood.


In the 21st century, recent humans that inhabit earth, live bereft of ancient wisdom reveled in by the seers and sages. Instead, flawed beliefs about life and death ensnare humankind, trapping them in a vicious circle of conditioned actions, fearing punishment after demise. They ignore the power of their emotional guidance, and strive for fleeting moments of happiness from external means, constantly disempowered. Laying blame on external factors for their misery.

Age-old revelations of the Indian Avatars, Rishis and Yogis, and recent Buddha and Christ have disintegrated into meaninglessness. The modern human holds steadfast onto the belief that hard work, sacrifice and fear of a punitive God and damnation be the hallmark of a successful life and whatsoever joy reaped.


Gone is the ultimate knowingness that humans, like other beings, create their own realities, and co-create collective events, because of the one and overriding fundamental of existence: freedom.


Freedom remains the key to a joyful life-journey.

You have the freedom to create your own reality


Even amid nothingness, freedom churns latent energy and resonates it far and wide. Creating new from the old, light from darkness, joy from despair, and turning dreams into reality. This priceless gift to humanity, bestowed to each human, to bask in and flourish from at will. Freedom is at your beck and call. Because of it you create the reality you experience, be it positive or negative. A revelation understood since time primordial. You and everyone and everything you know, has the right and power to Be.

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