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Understand your inner and outer self and live life fully wherever you are

Inner and Outer Self - Understand Who You Are and Live Life Fully

Are you merely a collection of bodily experiences and memories stored somewhere in your brain, to disappear into nothingness when you pass on from this life? Or is there something more to your existence?

Neuroscientist Anil Seth postulates that humans are biological mechanisms, and that "when consciousness ends, there is nothing to be afraid of."

Yet the ancient wisdom of the east, shared over 10,000 years ago through the Rishis, Seers and Speakers, and in the past century shared yet again through contemporary Speakers remind humans that consciousness is all pervading, ever expanding, without beginning or end.

Rest assured, that the real essence of you experienced during this lifetime will never cease to exist, when your physical body is no more.

The key to understanding the greatest question of all time, "Who /what am I really?" is be found deeply within an understanding of your inner and outer selves. Through your understanding of that which you are, you are able to live your life fully.

Inner self versus outer self the key to understanding who you are and living your best life

Inner and Outer Self

Like the seeds of an apple form the apple, and remain quietly lodged within the flesh of the fruit, so too your inner self gives rise to your outer self.

The physical you that you identify with:

  • the look and feel of your body and
  • your personality derived from your ego

work effortlessly to navigate through the physical environment throughout your waking day.

Your inner self creates and supports your outer self

Yet you are much more than the physical body that you focus on and operate via throughout the day. Your outer self and outer ego, is responsible for your bodily maintenance and survival. Your five senses continuously take in information from the environment and feed it to your ego, which uses the information to make decisions and take actions through your day.

Back to your apple, when the flesh of the apple is consumed and the seeds sprouted, new apples blossom once again. Similarly, your inner self does not cease to exist once the body is no more.

Tapping Into Your Inner Self

So how do you know that your inner self exists? How do you connect with your inner self?

Sleep Your Way To Your Inner Self

You actually access your inner self during every 24 hour cycle. When you go to sleep, your outer ego relinquishes it's hold over your body and your inner ego and inner self come to the fore. As you drift into the different levels of sleep you begin to experience the multidimensional nature of your real self.

Sleep your way to your inner self with Dr Vie programs

During dream state your inner self, without the overpowering persona of the outer ego, is free to travel through different states of consciousness as it generates multitudes of environments and objects and you experience interactions with variety of persons known, "deceased," and unknown. Beyond the time space 3 dimensional reality that you focus on during the waking day.

During deeper states of sleep, when dreams are no more, your inner self relishes even higher states of consciousness, delving into collectiveness, concurrent realities and probabilities, and multidimensionality.

When you awake from your slumber, you may have vestiges of memory of your dream states, but remember, whatever you remember will be filtered through your outer ego, through your physical senses.

Relax Your Way To Your Inner Self

Wouldn't it be nice to know your inner self while your are conscious? You can. However, yet again remember that you will be using your outer senses for your experiences.

Relax your way to your inner self with Dr Vie programs

When the human body is relaxed and the mind is in a state of joy and experiencing feelings of joy, there is a more direct connection to the inner self. The state of allowing is another way of connecting with your inner self during your conscious day.

Meditate your way to your inner self with Dr Vie programs

Meditate Your Way To Your Inner Self

Accessing an alpha state of relaxation and focused attention, for instance through some forms of meditation and yoga nidra, can also help you connect with your inner self.

Benefits of Connecting With Your Inner Self

When you understand that you are more than the physical body and ego personality that you think you are, your life takes on new meaning. And as you begin to consciously connect with your inner self, you begin to stimulate a sense of confidence, joy, resilience, comfort and eagerness in life. You will notice a decrease in feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, worry, negativity, fear of death, fear of annihilation, or a need to oppress or control others. The freedom sets you free to truly live life fully.

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