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Appreciation not gratitude creates a better life for you
Appreciation Instead of Gratitude Can Positively Transform Your Life
Appreciation Not Gratitude For A Transformed LifeThe difference between gratitude and appreciation is not very clear in literature and in the way it is verbally used, as the two terms are often referred to interchangeably. However, despite the confus...
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Freedom the ultimate gift to humanity to create own realities is your right
Freedom: The Ultimate Gift To Humanity
From nothingness, the ever-pervading space of akasha, a cosmic dance unleashes its unbridled energy, spontaneously birthing all things possibly imaginable into existence. Forever expanding, forever creating and co-creating, forever fulfilling every d...
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About Dr. Vie

Dr. Vie of East Indian lineage born in Africa began her career in public health as a medical device scientist in the USA and EU. In 2004 her fascination with entrepreneurship and natural health inspired the launch of vegan superfoods manufacturing plant and the first bio-compostable food packaging in North Americas. Dr. Vie Academy since offers self- development courses through live events and e-learning. As a serial entrepreneur she educates, inspires and advises budding entrepreneurs around the globe. Her Super Conscious Humanity initiatives empower and skills train vulnerable, racially disadvantaged, and disabled communities in Africa and South Asia to rediscover wholesome job opportunities and regenerate sustainable communities. Her team in Africa and Asia provide expertise to international companies that wish to partner with Africa or Asia. Dr. Vie's wealth of lived and work experiences on several continents coupled with sustainable development goals, human rights and climate action activism are the backbone of her humanitarian work. Dr. Vie avails herself and her team to individuals, families, communities, NGO's, organizations, governments, and businesses globally. Contact her here for public speaking engagements, inspiration, keynotes, workshops, consultations, projects and partnerships.

Dr. Vie Superfoods

Dr. Vie introduced raw vegan superfoods in 2004, which became a trusted energy, dessert, and fitness snack of choice for all ages and needs in Canada and the USA. She also pioneered the design of 100% biocompostable printed food packaging. Dr. Vie original Chocolat line is seen here enjoyed by TV5 host and her assistant in Singapore.