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Dr. Vie personal transformation online course law of attraction

Online 12 Week Course on Personal Transformation

12 Modules To Transform Your Life: With additional practical insights from Advaita Vedanta, Yogic Science, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Seth, and Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction. Available on demand for 12 months. Offered for the first time by nomadic guide Dr. Sheri Vie.

Your Personal Transformation Course

If you have a keen desire to get to know why you are where you are in life, why things happen to you, what is the nature of reality and your purpose in life, and how to deliberately effect change, then Dr. Vie's personal transformation course with practical insights from Yogic science, Advaita Vedanta, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Seth, and Abraham Hicks' Law of Attraction would be of interest to you.

Your time to transform your life with deliberate knowledge and knowing

Through the practice of the powerful essence of nature you can align your body and mind with your true self and experience joy and delight in the freedom of a self-realized individual.

Your Personal Transformation course is going with the flow to inspire you discover your true potential, align with your purpose, and understand how to live joyfully. You will learn powerful techniques and practices from ancient wisdom, contemporary teachings, and modern science that will inspire you to transform your mind, body, mental health, and emotions.

This premier course is paced for 12 consecutive weeks, with access on-demand for one year.

Each week, you will receive an email with a link to access the online module, that will include video lessons, audio meditations, exercises, and practical tools.

You have the option to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants, share your progress, and ask questions.

As a special gift we have included a copy of the Dr. Vie's book “Taming The Female Impostor. Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity a beginner's guide." This workbook and 50+ illustrations will deepen your understanding of your journey and the practical tools shared in the course. The book will be mailed to the address you provide during checkout. Please allow 14-21 business days for delivery, depending on your location.

As an additional gift we include Dr. Vie's e-book version of: "Who Am I Really?" the provocative fable to free you off conditional thinking and set you on the path to freedom.

Dr. Vie's companion workbooks unravel the human mind, uncover the root cause of human suffering, and guide the learner to create joy in seven areas of life. The content is applicable for all genders.

During your 12 weeks of personal transformation guidance, Dr. Vie will share unique practical insights from the ancient Yogic science, Advaita Vedanta, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Seth and recent Law of Attraction, and relevant contemporary revelations.

The course is ideally suited for learners who seek a better understanding of the nature of reality, the ability to shape one's own future, and the practicalities of self-realization from the ancient and contemporary Guides.

For maximum benefit, the course is designed to span 12 weeks, with weekly video-audio-text lessons and practice, with the added option of a livestream with Q& A, and a monitoring session. You can access the contents at anytime throughout 12 months.

How You Will Benefit?

Knowledge is the if often viewed as power. The real power is really in knowing, in the being, in the living, in the now.

Over the 12 weeks and the months that follow, you will gain knowledge about your mind and reality, and learn how to identify and tame the unfocused, out-of-alignment mind termed the Impostor, the source of your limiting beliefs, fears and resistance, so you can enjoy in the now, knowing and being.

Your will realize how to activate your Real Powerful Mind and align with your inner Being, which is the source of your positive mindsets, habits and behaviors, and abundance.

By the end of this course, you will have discovered your tools, skills and confidence to begin to align and transform yourself and your life in seven areas.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the nature of reality and your purpose in life.
  2. Identify and tame your resistant Impostor mind.
  3. Learn how to activate your Real Powerful Mind through self realization and alignment with your inner Being
  4. Reduce stress, worry, doubt and limiting negative thoughts.
  5. Sense your progress and celebrate your evolution. And
  6. Begin to transform your Self and your life

What is included?

Online access to the 12 module course for one year.

A gift of the soft-cover workbook of 292 pages and illustrations, which will be mailed to you after checkout. Be sure to provide the best mailing address to ensure proper delivery to you.

A gift of the e-book workbook of 100 pages.


We have a 7 day partial refund period for the course, at which time you only pay $30 USD for the books plus shipping cost.


You have the option to purchase only the course, or to add the option of a 12 weekly live question and answer session led by Dr. Vie.


The first 12 weeks have 12 scheduled course modules.

Thereafter, you have access to the content on demand for the rest of the year.

Message Dr. Vie, your Guide, with any questions you may have.

Message Dr. Vie, your Guide, with any questions you may have.

Personal transformation course with Yogic scientist Dr. Vie insights from Law of Attraction Abraham Hicks

Class Curriculum

Scheduled for 12 weeks. One module per week. Thereafter, access on demand for one year. Designed and led by nomadic Yogic scientist and your guide, Dr. Sheri Vie.

  • Welcome to Your Personal Transformation Journey
    • Welcome and Guide
    • Community Guidelines
  • Module 1: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What's My Purpose?
    • Introduction to the Vedanta, Yogic science, Seth and the Law of Attraction
    • Introduction to your vibrational energy and physical form
    • Introduction to the mind, its power and weakness
    • Introduction to the false mind, the Impostor-Out of Alignment Mind
    • Introduction to your purpose in life
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 2: How The Mind Began Its Out of Alignment
    • Out of Alignment with Your Real Self
    • Impostor Mind and how does it affects your thinking
    • How to identify when you allow the Impostor Mind
    • Understanding the effects of the "blame-complain"
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 3: How to Shape Your Future
    • Introduction to the Bag of Codes, action, manifestation, and vortex
    • Lack of abundance and Out of Alignment
    • In the NOW - what it really means and how to access it
    • Changing the past present and future
    • Raising vibrations and decreasing negative momentum
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 4: Knowing Your Unique Body and Mind
    • The wellbeing of the universe and your wellbeing
    • Your unique body and mind
    • Creating thoughts by default
    • Introduction to five negative mindsets, stress and dis-ease
    • Understanding the powerful meaning of emotions
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 5: How to Protect and Align Your Mind
    • Understanding the limitations of the five senses
    • Utilizing the power of emotions
    • The power of the sixth sense
    • Three tools for raising vibrational energy and reducing stress
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 6: Sexuality, Addiction and Aggression and Wellbeing
    • Expressions of emotions and the emotional grid
    • Understanding the desire for unconditional love
    • The art of sustainable relationships with a partner
    • Five tools for raising vibrational energy and re-establishing love
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 7: The Art of Family Relationships
    • Choice of family and vibrational energy
    • Freedom of thought creation for each member of the family
    • Exertion of control over members of the family
    • Two tools for alignment during family relationships
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 8: The Art of Food and Nourishment
    • Role of food and nourishment
    • Body type, food doshas, weight management, and wellbeing
    • Mindset, self-realization, alignment and relationship to food
    • Three tools for aligned relationship with food
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 9: The Art of Social Life and Friendships
    • How social circles could impact state of mind
    • Inspiration instead of motivation
    • How to nurture compassionate instead of empathic relationships
    • Powerful tool for unconditional aligned relationships
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 10: The Art of Work, Career, Success, Retirement
    • Impostor-Out of Alignment mind limits potential
    • How out of alignment affects daily activities, work, career, retirement and success
    • How to select and enjoy the right job and activities for you
    • Five tools to an abundant working environment, joyful retirement and prosperous life
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 11: How To Sustain the Freedom To Be The Real You
    • The power of Yogic science and Law of Attraction
    • The Pranic breath and connection to inner source
    • How to meditate and align with your inner Being, your real Self
    • Option of Livestream Q & A at end of each Module
  • Module 12: Practical Session for Long Term Transformation
    • How to continually evolve and sustain alignment with your Realized Self
    • Evolving Livestream Question and Answer Session with Group Meditation

Who Is Dr. Vie, Your Guide For Your Course?

Inspired by her nomadic background and global outlook, Dr. Sheri Vie founded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity in North America in 2000. She has Indian roots, African birthplace, American education, work experience in the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe, and North American place of residence.

Ms. Vie exemplifies the concept of “going with the flow,” continuously pursuing different interests, solo on many continents, and taking on adventurous work journeys in multiple industries and sectors worldwide. Her enthusiasm for contrast and diversity has endowed her with rich and varied sets of expertise.

Dr. Vie has an innate ability to understand life and situations from different perspectives, having learned from multiple cultures, risen above challenges, experienced revelations, and embraced varied opportunities in her personal and professional journeys. She has a deep compassion and respect for the diversity of human experiences and values, and is able to apply her knowledge and skills in different contexts and situations.

As a public health scientist, entrepreneur, university lecturer, educator, guide, Yogic scientist and humanitarian she has worked with individuals, communities and organizations around the world to improve health, and inspire happiness and fulfillment in life, through lifestyles and work activities. 

Dr. Vie is the go-to-person, entrusted by rural locals to inspire, initiate, coordinate, implement and monitor transformational projects on the ground in Africa.

Since her first startling revelation at the age of 16 while staring down the barrel of a soldier's gun in Africa, she has experienced further revelations while trekking in the Himalayas, and during states of meditation through her adult life.

As a nomadic woman journeying solo for four decades, she has been accessing her revelations to unlock the powers of change and rise like the phoenix.

Ms. Vie has guided women and youth on six continents for four decades to learn how to break the cycle of negative bad habits and limiting thoughts, gain clarity of thinking, and inspire self confidence.

You too can benefit from her guiding light, and access the know-how to live joyfully and access what you truly want through the understanding the power of the universe within you. You deserve to live life fully from a center of joy and create the future that you dream of.

Now is your time to live your best life.

Twelve Week Course. Access For One Year On-Demand Anytime Anywhere

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Course and 12 Weekly Group Calls With Dr. Vie